Chromal Blaze Internal Graphic

Chromal Blaze Internal Graphic

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FEATURES: Internal Graphic kits are full color reverse decals that are
applied to the inside of your lexan body before it's painted.
Printed on extremely, high quality and super flexible clear vinyl
material so they are easy to apply and contour around the compound
curves of your R/C body.
All images are backed in white so you can paint any color behind
them. Simply cut around the design, stick to the inside of the
body, and paint.
These graphics are universal so they will fit most popular 1:12,
1:10, and 1:8 scale bodies and some micro bodies.
Includes full instructions.

INCLUDES: (5) Graphics

SPECS: Sheet Size: 8-1/2" x 9-1/2"

Xxx Main Racing

Part XXXR001