AR106030 Talion 6s BLX Truggy Red Black

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  • AR106030 Talion 6s BLX Truggy Red Black
  • AR106030 Talion 6s BLX Truggy Red Black
  • AR106030 Talion 6s BLX Truggy Red Black
  • AR106030 Talion 6s BLX Truggy Red Black
  • AR106030 Talion 6s BLX Truggy Red Black
  • AR106030 Talion 6s BLX Truggy Red Black
  • AR106030 Talion 6s BLX Truggy Red Black
  • AR106030 Talion 6s BLX Truggy Red Black


2018 Version AR106030 Red/Black


Redesigned Features Include: 

  • Aggressive Low-Profile Body with Multi-Element High-Downforce Wing
  • Low-Profile Wing Mount
  • Low-Profile dBoots Katar Tires
  • Wheels Designed for On-Road Speed as well as Offroading
  • Redesigned Shocks with 4mm Shafts
  • Lower Shock Towers for Less Drag
  • Larger Radio Box
  • Shares Battery Tray, Battery Box and adlustable Body Mounts with the Outcast 6S
  • Stronger Bulkheads
  • Stronger Front and Rear Braces
  • Stiffer Servo Mount 


  • Chassis: 0.12" (3mm) thick aluminum
  • Drive: Four wheel with CVD driveshafts
  • Radio: Tactic TTX300 2.4GHz 2-channel with SLT (Secure Link Technology) for unbreakable link between transmitter and receiver ADS15M waterproof metal gear steering servo, TE326 receiver
  • Motor and ESC: BLX185 Brushless Power System, 2050Kv brushless motor, with etched aluminum finned motor can for efficient heat dissipation, gold connectors, 13T pinion gear installed on motor, 20T included in box
  • ESC: 150A waterproof ESC with XT90 battery connector, cooling fan, bridge connector for use with single 4S or 6S packs
  • Shocks: 4mm diameter shafts
  • Shock Towers: New low-profile 0.20" (5mm) thick aluminum
  • Suspension: Pillow ball with anti-roll bar
  • Body: Redesigned low profile with multi-element high-downforce wing
  • Motor Mount: Aluminum
  • Battery Holder: Adjustable hook and loop straps
  • Tires: Low profile dBoots Katar
  • Wheels: Black Turbo-Fan, 17mm hex
  • Camber: Adjustable front and rear
  • Caster: Adjustable
  • Warranty: Two year limited manufacturer warranty beginning at date of purchase 


Length: 21.7" (550mm) 
Width: 16.2" (412mm) 
Height: 7.1" (180mm) 
Wheelbase: 14.9" (378mm) 
Weight: 8.8lbs (4kg) 


  • RTR Talion 6S BLX Speed Truggy
  • 2.4GHz Radio
  • Brushless Motor
  • 13T Pinion Gear
  • ESC
  • Painted Body
  • Instruction Manual 

Needed to Complete: 

  • (4) AA Batteries for transmitter
  • LiPo Battery: Two 2-3S 5000mAh 35C minimum LiPo with XT90 connector
  • LiPo Battery Charger
  • LiPo charging sack
  • Tools & maintenance equipment



Fitted with super-reliable XT90 connectors and sporting a built-in cooling fan for reduced heat during intense driving action, the BLX185 ESC has over-voltage protection, and a two-stage LiPo cut off for added cell management.
The fitted 10AWG high-quality wires and 6V BEC unit are combined with a three mode throttle profile (FWD/REVERSE/BRAKE) to provide the ultimate driving experience.
Recommended battery specification: 5000mAh - 35C minimum - per battery pack

The TTX300 radio system will provide fast and consistent control for your ARRMA vehicle. Using 2.4Ghz technology, your ARRMA vehicle is controlled by a wheel and trigger style radio transmitter.
Ideal for new RC users and experienced bashing fans alike. Adjustable steering and throttle trim will allow you to easily tune your control experience to suit your individual needs.

The ADS-15M steering servo benefits from metal gears and is fully waterproof.
To provide fast and consistent steering response, the ADS-15M has 208oz-inch (15kg-cm) of torque at 7.2v.
At 1.6 x 0.8 x 1.5' (41 x 20 x 38mm) in size, this high-power steering servo is compact and highly capable.


The BLX 2050kV brushless motor provides speed and torque and is perfectly balanced for use with our BLX185 ESC unit.
Gold bullet connectors provide fast and easy wire removal when you need to clean your vehicle.
The aluminum motor can provides increased heat dissipation from the finned body section.
A dual motor shaft flat section provides a safe and secure pinion gear fitting.

Battery Mount: 

Secure battery mount system holds your batteries in TIGHT.Two hook-and-loop straps, fitted perpendicular to each other, provide a secure fit for your batteries. Secure fitting means batteries can be safely mounted side-by-side or one on top of the other.
The battery tray incorporates a balance plug stowage area. Battery balance plugs are held in place with a rubber strap, keeping them away from rotating parts.
Wire routing clips fit to the long hook-and-loop strap and keep battery to ESC wires away from rotating parts of the model. The front upper brace of the battery adjusts itself to the height of your battery packs.

Radio Box:

The TALION 6S BLX features an all-new radio box design. ESC and servo wires now pass through a foam seal that slides into the side of the radio box, meaning that these wires stay in place when the lid is removed.
There is a continuous rubber seal between the radio box base and the lid, protecting the receiver from the elements.
The radio box also has increased internal volume, allowing more room for fitment of aftermarket receivers.



Equipped with three metal-geared differential units as standard, ARRMA understand the importance of durability and control. Easy-access front and rear diff units will allow you to carry-out maintenance in minutes. Less time wrenching, more time bashing.

The gearboxes have been beefed up, strength has been strategically added in key areas for even more durability.



Soaking up a wide range of surfaces is made easy with the included red anodized adjustable shocks. Factory set to handle everything from fast speed runs to snow and mud chucking, no matter where you choose to bash, these high-quality units will keep you stable and in-control.The shocks are slightly shorter than the previous model and have been layed down, allowing the sleek body to be mounted as low as possible to optimize the aerodynamics.



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