1170-18 Trencher 2.8 Inch Pre-Mount F-11 17mm Hex

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  • 1170-18 Trencher 2.8 Inch Pre-Mount F-11 17mm Hex
  • 1170-18 Trencher 2.8 Inch Pre-Mount F-11 17mm Hex
  • 1170-18 Trencher 2.8 Inch Pre-Mount F-11 17mm Hex


This is a pair of Trencher 2.8” Pre-mounted 17mm Tires. Pro-Line is very excited to announce the availability of the Trencher 2.8" tire pre-mounted to the F-11 17mm Hex wheels! Making your truck the toughest looking one on the block has never been easier now with the Trenchers pre-mounted to the F-11 wheels. Pro-Line takes the guess work out of your glue job by doing the mounting for you so you can spend more time having fun!

Pro-Line's world class development team spent several months of research, development and testing to ensure that the Trencher 2.8" tire will perform above and beyond your expectations in any condition that you take your truck. Whether it is loose or hard-packed dirt, sand, snow, street or gravel the Trencher 2.8" tire is up to the task. The Trencher tread was designed to have ultimate traction combined with long-lasting durability. Each tire lug is shaped to dig into whatever surface you are running on and is ultra-thick so that it is extremely durable. The Trencher tread design has even won the RC Car Action Readers Choice Award 4 times! If you only buy one wheel and tire combo for your truck, this is the one to buy!

The Trencher 2.8” comes Pre-Mounted on F-11 2.8” 17mm Black Wheels for the PRO-MT 4x4 or Stampede® Truck with 17mm Hex conversion. The F-11 style wheel brings the tough and rugged look of full-size trucks straight to your vehicle! The satin black finish of this super durable wheel will make your truck stand out from the rest. The wheel features a molded-in bead-loc ring and lug nuts, 11 triangulated spokes and a scale P-L logo. This 17mm hex wheel is a must have for all Pro-Line fans!

Tire Features:
Horizontal H shaped tread for ridiculous amounts of traction and side-to-side stability
Over-sized tall tread are second-to-none in durability and longevity
Extremely detailed sidewall design for that tough off-road look
Official Pro-Line logo and Trencher name embossed on sidewall of tire
Less Time Gluing and More Time Having Fun
Award Winning Tread Design
Made in the USA, since 1982
Wheel Features:

Tough 11 Spoke Wheel Style
Satin Black Finish
Scale Molded in Bead-loc Ring and Lug Nuts
Wheel Made from High-Strength, Durable DuPont Nylon Material
Made to fit 17mm hex
F-11 Wheels Also Available Separately
Height: 4.87" (124mm)
Width: 2.86" (73mm)

NOTE: The Slash and Stampede line of trucks come equipped with 12mm as standard equipment. Unless you have upgraded your Slash or Stampede series vehicle with 17mm hexes, these wheels will not fit.

Pro-Tip: When running your Pro-Line Tires in water, mud, or sand foreign materials can enter the Tire. If this occurs, the foam Inserts can begin to break down and the tire can become excessively heavy or unbalanced, causing unnecessary wear. Placing a piece of waterproof tape (such as Duct Tape) over the wheel vent hole is a quick and easy method of preventing anything from getting inside your tires.


[F/R] Pro-Line PRO-MT 4x4
[F/R] Traxxas® Stampede® 4x4 with 17mm Hex


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